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Jigsaw Customers range from the smallest to the largest fleets, from Trucks to Aircraft, From Boats to Buses, From Chainsaws to Passenger Liners …

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Jigsaw recognise that the “One-Size-Fits-All” approach to fuel management is not appropriate and has developed many features specific to the different market sectors. Select one of the market areas for specific recommendations for that sector.

Jigsaw has the widest range of access protocols and ID devices anywhere so its not always easy to select the most appropriate. Whilst you may have your own preferences, we have seen what has been successfully adopted in each market sector and so will present this as a starting point to consider.

Most of our ID devices can co-exist with each other, and different data gathering and access protocols can be quickly configured on or off so no hard decisions need to be taken up front.

By far our biggest strength is in making the most powerful and flexible  fuel management system very simple to use both for the driver on the fuel island and for the system manager back at HQ.

Jigsaw Fuel Management Products ...

All Jigsaws Fuel Management Terminals are Real Time, Web Based systems using reliable mobile data technology to connect to the Internet.

The system does not rely on your own internal network infrastructure and requires nothing more than a web browser to access your fuelling data. The system does not require outdated daily polling as all information is stored and accessed live on the central Jigsaw servers.

The Fuel Island Terminals can all have their software remotely updated and there is no dedicated on-site PC software to become obsolete, so you will always be using the latest version of the system.

Jigsaw supplier Network ..

Jigsaw’s Fuel Management Systems operate all over the world. The systems are installed and maintained by our network of distributors and jigsaw are always looking to expand to new territories. The system can be configured to operate in any time zone, and both the fuel island terminals and the web service supports multiple languages and currencies.

If you are interested in bringing the Jigsaw Fuel management system to your own market, please get in touch at

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Jigsaws Terms and Conditions

Panama : Cobre Mine goes Live.

One of our largest single fuel management systems has been installed in the worlds largest new copper mine in Panama. The system not only monitors the mines entire fuel throughput, but also the port built specially to support the mine, and the pipeline carrying the fuel from the port to the mine.

The system monitors fuel delivered to the port, carried by the pipeline, stored in the holding tanks on site, delivered to the mobile refuelling bowsers, and finally to the on site equipment and vehicles.

The project meant the development of a new fuel management unit specific to this system.

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