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Real Time, Web BasedFuel Management SystemsJigsaw

Find out more about us and Jigsaw Fuel Management...

In 2007 Jigsaw was formed to exploit the coming together of a reliable Internet and Mobile phone Network to develop the first of a new generation of fuel management systems. At the time the nearest to real time was a daily “ring round” of all the fuelling terminals using land line phone technology and modems. Jigsaw developed the first Real Time, web based fuel management system to specifically exploit the Mobile Data technology we take for granted today. The Jigsaw Eclipse terminal was launched a year later and has been so reliable and successful that the design has remained the same since that time.

With many years experience of designing what were at the time the best Fuel Management Systems on the market, we knew what worked and what didn’t - what hardware was reliable and what wasn’t - and, most importantly, how to design a fuel management system which required the least amount of daily maintenance and was simple and intuitive to use.

With the product built, tested and site proven with our first customers, the initial design team was bolstered with office, production and support staff as well as additional programmers.We then reached out to all the Fuel Management Distributors we knew and built a network from the very best in the commercial fuel management business, not just in the UK, but around the world. We found experienced and reliable suppliers and worked with them to ensure that products were built consistently and to the latest quality standards. We work with and Interface to the best third party equipment suppliers so that reliability isn’t compromised. Our name was taken from this partnership between the very best in the Industry.

Because both the mobile phone network and the Internet are common and, in the main, compatible around the world, the jigsaw Fuel management systems work just as well fuelling a bus in Lancashire as they do fuelling the Sydney Harbour Pilot Boats in Australia. As well as the UK, Jigsaw now have systems installed in Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, Kenya, South Africa, South America, Zambia, Australia, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cyprus, Estonia and Mexico, and are always looking for more distributors.

Our aim is no less than to design and supply the best fuel management system in the world. We aim to provide the most reliable fuel island hardware coupled to a reliable and flexible fuel management web service. We will continue to take great pains to make both parts of the system as simple to operate as possible whilst keeping up with the very latest hardware and server technologies to ensure users of our systems are always using the best product possible.

We will consider individual market sectors and develop complete systems which are most appropriate to them rather than forcing a one-size-fits-all philosophy on our users. We will continue to seek out and work with the best industry partners and expand our operations across the globe. We will invest in our staff to ensure they grow as Jigsaw grows and that they are committed to Jigsaws goals.

As the world migrates slowly away from fossil fuels, jigsaw are working hand in hand with the green fuels industries. In the UK we are managing much of the BioCNG and LNG fuels in to commercial fleets, as some of the largest open access refuelling stations in Europe are rolled out. Jigsaw are committed to supporting the Green Fuels initiatives by working with the gas pump manufacturers to ensure green fuels refuelling is a simple and fast as fuelling with diesel.

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Arpanet - Essence of the first Internet World Wide Web Established

First SMS Text Message Sent

2G Mobile Data Network established

Internet over Mobile Phones becomes widely available.

Reliable, saturated coverage of mobile Internet data achieved.

Jigsaw Formed to exploit these technologies in Fuel Management

Eclipse Fuel Island Controller Developed Authorising Fuel Cards to CH Jones using ISO8583

First Real Time Fuel Management Web Service Developed at Jigsaw

Nova Fuel Management System Developed for Mobile Refuelling

Midas Vehicle ID and Automatic Mileage Capture Developed

Introduced FuelGuard Auto ID/Auto Mileage Capture System.

EasyFuel Nozzle Based Vehicle ID System Introduced

Jigsaw Systems fuel control passes the 1 BILLION Litres per Year mark

Jigsaw Fuel Web Service launched with advanced data analysis features

TeleTag Vehicle Recognition System Introduced

Jigsaw Seamlessly integrate Telematics Mileage Capture to use tracking systems to automatically insert vehicle mileage into fuelling transactions

Jigsaw moves in to custom designed building, increasing staff to expand production, design and support capabilities.

Throughput passes 1.7 BILLION Litres

Eclipse 2, Nova 2, More Retrofits, More Countries, More Distributors .…

           EVER ONWARDS !