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This superbly designed, high gain antenna ensures reliable communications just about anywhere on the planet.

The system can use any of the mobile data networks available for fast and reliable communications

Key Features :

The Jigsaw Eclipse - Don’t you deserve the Best ?

Modular design :

The Eclipse has been designed to be easy to Install, service and maintain. Often not considered in the design of a terminal, the ability to test, maintain and change components easily makes for a well managed system with long term reliability.

Reliable Electronics and Software :

The Eclipse IS NOT designed around a PC, and DOES NOT use a third party operating system such as Windows - both things wholly unsuited to use on a fuel island. The Eclipse is based around the ultra reliable ARM CORTEX RISC Microprocessor and ALL the internal software has been written and is supported by Jigsaw. This avoids exposure to computer viruses and hackers, means that there are no third party updates to manage and ensures that your system will give many years of reliable service.

Forgiving Power Supply :

However good the rest of the system, if the power supply cant give reliable, stable, spike free power, then nothing else matters. The eclipse has a wide input range (90 to 250 Volts) switch mode power supply so that whatever fluctuations there are on the mains supply, or fed back from pump motors, the system will be able to rely on a a constant supply voltage.

The 12/24 volt option for mobile bowser installations has the ability to filter out the dips and spikes typical in vehicle systems.

The Eclipse has a modular power box which contains the power supply, motor power relays and override switches. Because of the high instantaneous switching currents on pump motors, our relays are rated at 30 Amps peak with a 10 Amp load. Each relay is fitted with a snubber network to protect the relay contacts from damage over time from electrical arcs - another detail ensuring long term system reliability.

Heavy Duty power switching :

Opto Isolated Interfaces :

To ensure maximum accuracy of the pump interface, it is imperative that there can be no interference from voltage differences, spikes and earthing problems so the Eclipse uses an Opto isolated interface between the pump and Fuel terminal.

 Latest Generation, Real Time, Web Based System

 Fully MID Approved with or without a receipt printer

 Pulsed or Serial pump interfaces for 1 to 4 pumps

Self Contained Network communications

Real Time Tank gauge interface

Multiple Internal Data Backups

Battery Backed


Ultra Reliable Keypad :

The keypad is one of the few moving parts of the system and hence is deserving of special design attention. The Keypad is an integral part of the front door so that the door seal is not compromised - but it is NOT a membrane keypad.

Behind the label is a rubber sheet which protects the keypad overlay from wear. Under this there is a metal plate so that the keypad is protected from excessive pressure. Under this are highly reliable, individual, fully sealed switches - we have keypads that have been in the field now for ten years and counting !

All Stainless Steel

Enclosure :

A fuel management system must offer secure access to your fuel - a plastic enclosure is simply NOT an option. A fully welded stainless steel enclosure means the system will look as good in ten years as it does the day it is installed.

The door is designed with an all around knife edge seal to ensure the cabinet is fully sealed from water and dust ingress.

Clear Display :

The Display is a 4 x 20 Character, Large Character LCD. The display is backlit for ease of use at night, and has been chosen for high contrast in bright sunlight.

Highly Reliable RFID Reader :

There are many ID options, but the most simple and reliable is the non contact RFID reader. Impervious to dirt or weather, and ultra simple to use this ID reader will give years of fault free use.

High Security lock :

No corners cut on the security of your fuel - this multi tumbler lock is one of the most secure on the market.

High Gain Antenna :

Features Checklist :

Dedicated Jigsaw      Servers  at Server Farm ADedicated Jigsaw      Servers  at Server Farm BReal Time Data MirroringFuelling Site AFuelling Site BFuelling without Limits ….  No Limits on number of Transactions No Limits on Fleet Size No Limits on Number of Drivers No Limits on Number of Sites No Limits on Number of System UsersTransport Team

Real Time, Web Based Fuel Management ...

Real Time Web Based Fuel Management Terminal

Jigsaw Eclipse V2 - 2019.pdf

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