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Refuelling trains and locomotives brings its own challenges. When only a single engine needs refuelling,  then the system can be much the same as that used to fuel road vehicles, but when it comes to fuelling a long train, then the system needs to be able to co-ordinate the fuelling so that all sections of a set are fuelled without compromising accuracy or time.

Because of the spacing between pumps on a typical fuelling platform, individual fuel management systems are needed to control each pump and manage the fuelling, so keeping the cost of installation down is essential. The Jigsaw systems use GSM Mobile communications so there is no need to run communications cables to, and between the terminals. The Jigsaw system will operate with your existing pumps, usually without modification.

Railways Refuelling Systems

The Jigsaw system already has most of the UK rolling stock set up on it from other projects, but the part of that fleet that is allowed to fuel on your system will be set up against the site. As the fleet is assigned, groups are used to assign the TOC or operator of the train/loco so that billing for fuel is very much simplified.

As Trains or Units are moved between TOC’s this can be reflected immediately on the web service so that all fuellings are correctly allocated.

Adding or removing fleet members is very simple as it is centralised through the web service - no need to upload vehicle lists to the individual fuel terminals.

On the Fuel Server :

Most Relevant Reports :

Relevant Vision Tiles :

The Jigsaw system treats each unit in a train individually, but can also manage them as a set, comparing each individual unit with its peers - they travel the same distance, so they should take around the same amount of fuel - the Jigsaw system can easily highlight and units using more or less fuel than its peers.

This may be due to less fuel being delivered than needed, or a problem with the fuelling process on that unit. It could also indicate a problem with the engine and/or systems on that unit.

Unique Rail System Features :

Options to consider :

Unique Jigsaw Vision Tiles give Real Time information in an easy to digest format - this one shows site fuel throughput comparing this year to last and helping to predict annual throughputs.

Specific Features Developed for Train Refuelling


Jigsaw has a choice of train ID methods available; all three mentioned here are in use today on the UK Railway network :

Typed ID Entry. In this, the fueller first uses a personal ID tag on the system. The system then requests a typed vehicle ID. Both the fueller ID and loco’ ID are checked against a central database and fuelling commences.

FuelWand. In this, each locomotive/carriage is fitted with an ID tag which is scanned by the fueller using a small, robust, hand held reader. This removes the need for the fueller to type in the Loco ID, speeding up fuelling and reducing the possibility of misfuelling.

TeleTag. The Teletag system again uses a tag fitted to each Loco or Carriage to be fuelled, but the tag can be read from several meters away negating any requirement for the fueller to get involved in the ID process.

Identifying the Locomotive Units

Either the Eclipse or Nova may be used for train refuelling. The Eclipse can manage more than one pump so that, if required water or lubes could also be managed. All fuellings are logged by the system and passed immediately to the web service, so there is no need to collect and manage printed receipts.

If the fuel tanks are fitted with tank gauges, then they can be linked through the nearest pump control terminal so that the readings are passed to the web server on the back of each fuelling transaction, and a direct comparison between gauge and book stock may be made in real time.

Fuel platform Hardware :

Real Time Web Based Fuel Management for the Railways Industry.

Jigsaw have worked with the pump manufacturer FleetFueller to design and develop a bespoke solution for this rail depot. Each individual fuelling point has a built in web enabled fuel management system.

Jigsaw have recently developed a Driver Fuel display which allows the driver to check that each unit in the train has received a similar amount of fuel and that the refuelling hoses have been stowed before leaving the refuelling point. This helps protect both the train and the fuelling staff on the platform.

Jigsaw have developed tools to identify units in a train taking more or less than their peers.

Rail Refuelling Solutions - 2019.pdf

Rail Refuelling Brochures

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