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A Bus fleet will typically operate from one or more sites with each vehicle returning to it’s home depot at least once a day. On larger fleets, buses are typically fuelled during a fuelling shift by fuelling staff rather than by the driver.

Coaches additionally may be away from their home site for more than a day and use fuel cards whilst away. It is more usual that coaches are fuelled by the driver rather than on a daily fuelling shift.

Products are typically Diesel and AdBlu.

The Operator would want to know which vehicle was fuelled, when it was fuelled, what products it took along with the quantities of those products. More than likely, the mileage at the time of fuelling, and the Driver or Fueller ID would also be required.

For buses, the simplest system is for the fueller to use a tag to identify himself, then type the vehicles reg or fleet number to identify the bus. Optionally the bus’s mileage may also be entered. Alternatively, more and more customers are opting for auto vehicle ID and automatic mileage capture systems to speed up the fuelling process. Jigsaw offer TeleTag or EasyFuel for this purpose.

For driver fuelled coaches, each coach would be issued with a tag which is used to identify the vehicle when fuelling. The driver can be prompted to enter a mileage, and to identify himself to the system. As with buses, nozzle based technology is a time saving and secure fuelling option.

Suggested Hardware :

Each person requiring access to the fuel management web service would be issued with a user name and password. One or more individuals would have administrator level access rights to be able to add and delete users.

Details of each vehicle in the fleet would be entered on to the web service, setting product restrictions,  mileage prompts, etc, and also assigning the vehicle in to groups so that meaningful reports may be generated.

Any reports which need to be generated daily, weekly or monthly are configured as required so that they will automatically be produced and distributed.

On the Fuel Server :

Most Used Reports :

Relevant Vision Tiles :

Useful System Features :

Options to consider :

Integrated Pump Options - Replace your pumps and you Fuel management System. Save Space, Reduce Costs

Unique Jigsaw Vision Tiles give Real Time information  - this one showing any vehicles missed from a fuelling shift.

New - Jigsaw TeleTag ...

Products Designed Specifically for Bus and Coach Refuelling ...


Designed specifically for bus refuelling operations, the Jigsaw TeleTag system identifies both the vehicle and the fueller automatically. A long range ID tag is fitted to the side of the vehicle adjacent to the fuel filling point. The fueller, who carries a similar tag, simply lifts the fuel nozzle and starts to fuel. When the fueller and vehicle tag are both adjacent to the fuel island, the system reads both ID tags, validates them and turns on the pump.

If fitted, the system will also interrogate an on board unit to automatically read the vehicles mileage. This not only speeds up the fuelling process, but also makes it more secure and results in accurate MPG Figures.

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Tell Me More ... Tell Me More ... Bus and Coach Refuelling Solution - 2019.pdf

Click Here to download the latest information on the Jigsaw Fuel Management System specifically designed for Bus and Coach refuelling in PDF format.

Real Time, Web Based Fuel Management for the Bus and Coach Industry