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On most mining sites there is a mix of both static and mobile refuelling required. Smaller plant and vehicles can pull up to a conventional fuelling point and use a fuel pump as normal. Larger Plant and fixed equipment such as graders and generators will need to be fuelled from a mobile fuel truck or bowser.

Vehicles fuelling at the static fill points are issued with a hand held tag fixed to the vehicles key ring. This identifies the vehicle to the system and automatically allocates fuel drawn to that vehicle. A Jigsaw Eclipse system would be fitted on the Static Fuel Island.

The Fuel Bowser is fitted with a Jigsaw Nova system so that mobile refuelling has the same level of security as the static fill points. Each piece of static plant is fitted with an ID tag which is read by an Hand Held Scanner (Jigsaw FuelWand). The driver takes the hose to the plant, scans the tag and the fuel flow is enabled. This ensures that the fueller is in control of the fuel hose at all times during the fuelling reducing any opportunity for spillage.

Fuel Stocks transferred from the static tank to the fuel bowser are managed properly as stock movements by using a tank transfer tag.

If needed, driver tags may also be issued so that the person drawing the fuel may also be identified.

On the Fuelling Site :

Each person requiring access to the fuel management service is issued with a user name and password. One or more individuals will have administrator level access rights so they are able to add and modify other users details.

Details of each vehicle in the fleet are entered through the web service, setting product restrictions,  engine hours/mileage prompts, etc, and also assigning the vehicle into groups so that meaningful reports may be generated.

Any reports which need to be generated daily, weekly or monthly are configured as required so that they will automatically be produced and distributed.

On the Fuel Server :

Most Used Reports :

Relevant Vision Tiles :

Useful System Features :

Options to consider :

Unique Jigsaw Vision Tiles give Real Time information - this one highlights any units taking more fuel than their peers.

Some of  our valued mining, Quarrying and aggregates customers ...

One of the Harshest Fuel Management  Environments

Mines and Quarries

Above - Some of our Fuelling Sites on Mines around the world

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Click Here to download the latest information on the Jigsaw Fuel Management System specifically designed for the mining Industry in PDF format.

Mines and Quarries Refuelling Solution 2 - 2019.pdf

Real Time, Web Based Fuel Management for the Mines and Quarries