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The Jigsaw Eclipse is our flagship product which will control up to four pumps using a mechanical or serial interface. The system is fully MID (Weights and Measures) approved with or without a receipt printer. The system has been designed to be ultra reliable to give many years faithful service.

Fuel Management Terminals :

Jigsaw Eclipse

Tank Stock Management :

The Nova has most of the features of the Eclipse has, but can only manage 1 pump, has a numeric keypad and smaller display, and a more limited range of ID device interfaces. The Nova may be DC powered and hence lends itself for vehicle mounting for mobile refuelling projects.

Jigsaw Nova

Vehicle / Driver ID :

A vehicle mounted unit which ID’s the vehicle and driver, and passes the current mileage/hours with a key touch on the vehicle, then a key touch at the fuel island.

Jigsaw Midas

This small unit is mounted on to the vehicle and works in conjunction with another ID device such as a hand held tag or FuelWand.

Jigsaw FuelGuard

The Jigsaw FuelWand is most often used in mobile (bowser) refulling. The Hand Held Reader is battery powered and radio linked to the fuel island terminal.

Jigsaw FuelWand

The Jigsaw Tankguard can read the levels of up to 16 Tanks and feed this information back in Near-Real-Time to the web service, The web service shows a consolidated view of all the tanks on the site, and all the sites in your network so that stock movements may be easily managed.

Jigsaw systems are installed with the largest oil supplier in the UK managing the entire estate on a single web page. The TankGuard can interface to many of the current tank gauge manufacturers offerings  so there is no need to change existing gauges.

Jigsaw TankGuard

Auto ID Systems :

RFID Tags are simple to use and are very robust

Jigsaw SecuriTags

Where vehicles are already issued with a Fuel Card, the system can use this to ID the vehicle.

Fuel Cards

Used in several older fuel management systems, these may be re-used when upgrading to jigsaw

Dallas Touch ID’s




May be DC Powered


Magnetic Cards






Laser Plate



 1 to 4 Serial or Mechanical

Full Alpha Numeric

 4 x 20 x 9 mm Character


1 with Mechanical I/F

Numeric Only Keypad

4 x 20 x 5 mm Character

Features Summary :

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Pump Integrated Eclipse

The Jigsaw LaserPlate is a bar code reader which can be used for vehicle ID as well as data entry from job sheets and the like.

Jigsaw LaserPlate

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This has a nozzle based reader which reads an RFID tag fitted to the vehicles filler neck. Inserting the nozzle ID’s the vehicle and starts the pump.

Jigsaw EasyFuel

Nozzle ID System

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Hands Free Vehicle and Fueller ID System ideal for Bus refuelling systems.

Jigsaw TeleTag

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