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From jet skis and small leisure craft to ocean liners the principle is the same, identify what is being fuelled a, control fuel flow and measure what is delivered. The jigsaw system can monitor fuel deliveries from a few litres, to many thousands of litres.

The fuel control terminal is usually installed a long way from telephone lines or data services, and quite often on a floating pontoon, so the use of the mobile phone data network removes a huge headache in siting the fuelling point.

The Jigsaw system is MID approved for resale of fuel and the web service allows transactions to be grouped and priced for individual customers, even if they have multiple boats drawing from the same account.

big or Small - We Fuel Them All ...

The fleet, whether boats or land based equipment, is fed in to, and managed on the web site. Setting the acceptable fuel types and the maximum delivery, and prompting for engine hours or mileages as appropriate, means that fuelling is carried out efficiently, and that all the relevant data is stored against each fuelling

As each boat or vehicle in the fleet is added, it can be assigned in to groups so that reports and invoices may be raised at the end of a period using percentage on costs or fixed litre pricing.

Details of each fuelling transaction - date and time, vehicle, driver and fuel quantity are viewable in real time through the web site and may be included in user reports.

Any reports which need to be generated daily, weekly or monthly can be configured as required and automatically generated and distributed.

Fuelling Web Service :

Most Relevant Reports :

Relevant Vision Tiles :

Useful System Features :

Options to consider :

One of our larger systems manages all fuel on the Kenya Ports Authority Site.

Liners, Leisure Craft or Working Boats ...

Ports and Harbours

The Jigsaw system can also fuel any dockside support equipment such as cranes, forklifts reach stackers, straddle carriers etc. If the support equipment isn’t easily movable, or its impractical to bring it to a fuelling point,  then the Jigsaw system may be built on to a mobile Fuel Bowser. Boats and Dockside equipment can coexist in the same fleet making complete site refuelling control simple to achieve and easy to manage.

Dock Side Support Equipment

The Jigsaw system can also be used to control and measure water drawn, or even crushed Ice delivery. So long as there is a way of controlling the flow, and of measuring how much is delivered, the system will manage the product and assign it for charging to an account.

Not Just Fuel ...

Jigsaw Manage the fuelling of the Sydney Harbour Pilot Boats.

Unique Jigsaw Vision Tiles give Real Time information - this one highlights any vessels taking more fuel than their peers.

Real Time Web Based Fuel Management for Ports and Harbours

Full Featured Invoices :

New !

Local Accounts Management Package

All Direct from your Fuel Management System