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More about the Eclipse Fuel Island Controller

On the Fuel Island :

Each person requiring access to the fuel management service would be issued with a user name and password. One or more individuals can have administrator level access rights to be able to add and delete users.

Details of each vehicle in the fleet is entered on to the web service, setting product restrictions,  mileage prompts, etc, and also assigning the vehicle in to groups so that meaningful reports may be generated.

On the Fuel Server :

Most Used Reports :

Relevant Vision Tiles :

Useful System Features :


Options to consider :

Unique Jigsaw Vision Tiles give Real Time information in an easy to digest format. This one shows the price being paid on each site (red and purple) compared to the refinery gate price (black)

Keeping your Industry Moving

More about the Jigsaw FUEL Web Software

More about our Access Device options

Above - Examples of some of our Haulage Refuelling Sites

The Fuel Island Controller gives 24 hour Secure access to the fuel pumps. A Single terminal can manage up to four pumps, and Haulage sites will typically monitor both Diesel and AdBlu. For refrigerated haulage, there will also be a Gasoil (Red Diesel) Pump. A site can have as many terminals as are required.

Each vehicle will have an RFID fob tag issued to it which is attached to the vehicles key ring. Additionally, each driver may optionally be issued with an RFID tag, or at least be issued with a driver ID number which may be entered at the keypad.

The fuelling transaction will contain details of  which vehicle was fuelled, when it was fuelled, what products it took along with the quantities of those products. Additionally, the mileage at the time of fuelling, and the driver ID may also be gathered.

For complete stock management, a tank gauging system would be added to the fuel tanks and integrated with the fuel management system so that fuel deliveries may be confirmed and checked, and theft from the tanks detected.

One or more Jigsaw Eclipse Terminals will be fitted to the fuel island and connected to control and monitor each pump so that fuel may only be drawn on presentation of a valid vehicle ID tag and Driver ID.

Integrated Pump Options - Replace your pumps and you Fuel management System with one combined system.

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Tell Me More ... Jigsaw Fuel Web Service

Any reports which need to be generated daily, weekly or monthly are configured as required so that they will automatically be produced and distributed.

E-mail addresses may be entered so that warnings of low fuel stocks etc. may be directed to the relevant staff as they occur. Offsite Fuellings can be imported directly from your card issuers data files so that you have a complete picture of all the fuellings.

Real Time Fuel Management for the Haulage Industry

Jigsaw Brochure 2 - 2019.pdf Jigsaw Brochure 2 - PF.pdf

Download the Fuel Management Brochure - Normal or Printer Friendly