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Following a long and exacting selection process, ASDA have selected Jigsaw to upgrade their hardware to the latest, state of the art, real time fuel management system. The system gives each depot a real time view all vehicle fuellings and fuel stocks. The system shows a direct comparison between the gauge readings and the calculated stock in the tanks, immediately highlighting when deliveries need to be entered and any issues with pumps or tank gauges.

ASDA have taken advantage of one of the latest features of the Jigsaw system where the vehicles mileage is recovered in real time from the telematics (vehicle tracking) system already fitted to most of the ASDA vehicles. This means that the ASDA drivers don’t have to type in the mileage on the fuel island and has resulted in very accurate mileage and MPG information.

To identify the drivers, Jigsaw integrated special RFID readers so that the already issued ASDA personnel cards could be used, saving the cost and disruption of having to issue another ID tag.

Despite Covid, the entire network of over 60 terminals was replaced ahead of schedule, having faulty gauges and pumps repaired as issues were discovered. Training was conducted for each area the week before install with follow up sessions offered as needed to ensure maximum engagement both initially and long term.

ASDA Choose Jigsaw

In addition to upgrading the existing diesel and AdBlu delivery systems, Jigsaw have also fully integrated ASDA’s growing LNG network. The LNG vehicles are dual fuel and take a small amount of diesel as well as LNG. The system manages and reports on fuellings from both the LNG fill station and the liquid fuellings, showing all on the same system for common reporting.

From April 2022 red diesel will all but disappear as a lower cost fuel option for off highway vehicles and non motive use. This will make stored fuel stocks on mines and quarries for example, much more attractive to theft as white diesel dispersal to end users will be so much easier than red.

Good news is that Farming and Fishing vessels can still use red diesel.

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