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Resale system approval has gone through several name changes over the years - board of trade, weights and measures and lately the pan-European MID approval. The jigsaw Eclipse is fully MID Approved for the resale of fuel on a the widest range of modern dispensers, and with the widest range of vehicle ID systems.

The Jigsaw Eclipse MID System is available and approved with and without an integral  receipt printer so that where it is used for just interdepartmental or shared services cross billing, the printer may be omitted reducing initial cost and ongoing maintenance issues.

Fuel Resale System

Full Featured Invoices :

Approved Pump Protocols :

Options to consider :

MID (Weights and Measures) Approved System

MID approved

In addition to managing where the fuel goes, the system also manages stock deliveries in to the system so that you always know what stock is in the tank. The entered stock price may be used with the accounts module to automatically bill customers using a cost plus model so that your margins are always maintained as fuel prices fluctuate.

Stock Management.

Even though the vehicles usually belong to other people and companies and measuring vehicle performance may not be the primary goal of the system, nevertheless, all the standard fuel use analysis features are still available. These may be used to simply manage the system owners own fleets performance, or to offer additional services to customers.

Full Featured Fuel Management :

The Jigsaw Web Service has an accounts option which allows the user to add customers and assign vehicles to those customers so that they may be invoiced for fuel. The accounts system directly produce VAT invoices and allows for fuel pricing at cost, at cost plus, and at a fixed price based on up to five pricing schemes.

Local Accounts Manager.

The Jigsaw system has the ability to set a volume credit against the customers account, and also a daily limit against individual vehicles. The credit is added through the web server against the account and is reduced each time a vehicle assigned to that account fuels. The volume available to be delivered is displayed on the fuel terminal before each fuelling.

Pre-Payment Accounts.

Approved ID Devices:

The Eclipse MID is available with or without a receipt printer - receipt paper is common format and very simple to change.

Real Time Fuel Management

Wide Range of Pumps

Wide Range of ID Methods

Receipt Printer Optional

Fuel Invoicing System Available

Tank Gauge Interface

Real Time, Web Based Fuel Management for Fuel Resale