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The jigsaw EasyFuel system has a nozzle pack which fits snugly around the fuelling nozzle and reads tags fitted to the filler neck.

When it detects a tag, it sends the details to the Fuel Island Terminal by radio where the ID is validated. Once validated, the pump is turned on and fuelling commences.

If the nozzle is removed from the filler neck, then contact with the tag is lost and the fuelling is suspended until it detects the tag again.

Components :

Fully Integrated with both Eclipse and Nova

 Ideal for Mobile refuelling Operations

ID Only and ID with Mileage Capture Options

Ensures fuel is only delivered to authorised vehicles

Simple to Fit to fuelling nozzle.

Radio Linked - no wires from the hose.

ATEX Approved

Radio Linked Nozzle Pack

The nozzle pack has been designed to fit to standard fuel nozzles such as ZVA and OPW without impairing normal operation. The Nozzle Pack is battery powered and simply clamps around the nozzle.

The nozzle pack has been ATEX approved to operate in zoned areas. Is is completely sealed and hence impervious to rain and dust.

Simple Operation ...

Features Checklist :

The EasyFuel system has been designed to operate around the world with many different vehicles and hence a range of ID tags have been developed to suit the wide range of vehicle filler necks.

Range of Tags and mounts

to suit fuel Filler neck

By adding an EasyFuel Vehicle Unit, the same radio system that communicates with the nozzle pack will also communicate to the cab of the vehicle and read the mileage from the EVU.

Optional Automatic Mileage Capture

From the drivers point of view, simply insert the nozzle and fuel - it couldn’t be simpler !

Hand Held Scanner Option

Where the nozzle type cant be accommodated with the nozzle Pack, a hand held scanner is available that allows the user to scan the tag fitted to the vehicle/plant in ths ame way the nozzle pack does.

The Hand Held Scanner is also useful for mobile refuelling operations where the driver is remote from the refuelling pump.

Functional Diagram :

System Benefits :

Nozzle Based, Automatic Vehicle ID System

EasyFuel Brochure V2 - 2019.pdf EasyFuel Brochure V2 PF.pdf

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